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Brawl Stars for iOS is the most awaited game of the year, the main reason is that this is the latest venture by hit developers Supercell. We all know that Clash of clans and clash royale is still holding the top position in the chart. Millions of gamers are waiting for the official launch of Brawl Stars Game that will happen soon.

We are up here to talk about on installing Brawl Stars on iOS for iPhone/iPad. As per the source, the iOS version has been released Brawl Stars for iOS, but the problem is that only residents in Canada will be able to install it. We will help you to overcome through this and if you dont know how to create a Canadian account on iOS store to install this game, just read the following article as we have briefed up each and every steps.

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Download and Install Brawl stars for iPhone/iPad

How to Create a Canadian App Store Account to Install Brawl Stars for iOS [iPhone/iPad]

This is completely a different method to get this fantastic brawl stars game on iOS because it’s not yet completely released to all users of all countries. This way of getting this application is working for all users without any errors. So, Let’s start our primary method to install brawl stars for iOS devices.

Primary Method

  • First of all, Navigate to the official site of iTunes from your device, PC or Mac.
  • Now log out from your current Apple ID, if you have logged in with your ID.
  • You have to create a New Apple ID and while filling up the information, make sure that you set the country as Canada.
  • This step is crucial, as we are creating a iOS Canada account make sure that the certain info like Address, City, CAP, Telephone Number should be of the Canadian country. These type of info’s will be available in the web easily.
  • Once the account is created, just log in to the new Canadian account, now search for the Brawl Stars game and you will be able to find it in the search results. If not, you can download from the direct link. Make sure that do not open the game after the installation.
  • Once Brawl Stars got installed in your device, just log out from the Canadian account and log in with your original ID. Now there wont be any further issues and the game data will sync with your original Apple ID.

Game play screen of Brawl stars on iOS for iPhone/iPad.

Alternative Method : Brawl Stars for iOS | Latest Brawl Stars on iPhone/iPad

In this method, you dont want to create a new account. All you want to do is to change your current country or region to Canada.

  • Log in to your Apple ID and navigate to the country or region tab.
  • Now tap on change country or region and from the drop down list choose Canada.

You will be able to access Brawl Stars by searching down it in the app store. Once its installed, change back to your country or region from Canada.

Hope this article on Download and Install Brawl stars for iPhone/iPad have helped you out and if you still face any further issues, just shoot it through the comments and we will reply you at the earliest.


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