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Brawl Stars Apk: Everyone is familiar with the games like clash of clans or say clash royale. And the developer of these two games super cell is coming with another PVP game which is named as brawl stars. This new game is the next big thing for all the gamers and the rumours say that this new game will have gangs and they will be out roaming and protecting the city from the attacking players.

All the gamers have been impatiently waiting for the official launch and the game is going to be one of the most loved games according to the developers. Brawl stars are a death match capture the flag game.Currently the game is available on the Canadian app store and it as a soft launch and everyone is waiting for it to become officially live on the android platform for all other gamers, similar to the clash of clans soft launch period, brawl stars is also in the soft launch period. But we will help you out to download Brawl Stars Apk for Android.


Brawl Stars Apk Game Download for Android

Brawl Stars Apk Download for Android

Features and Game Modes of Brawl Stars Apk Game for Android

Now as we all know that this Brawl Stars Game is a multi player game and one can gather their team mates and opponents for a brawl. This game simply promotes a huge variety of game modes, even some crazy characters with real exclusive features. Gamers are excited to know the features and the type of game the brawl stars is as the attention that this upcoming game has captured has already led to very high expectations.

for PC Users: Download Brawl Stars for PC Windows 10/8/8.1/XP/7/Mac Laptop Update.

As per as the rumors and the information been leaked out about this game following can be the four modes of the brawl star game

  • Smash and Grab – if the gamer is in this mode you are simply there to collect some crystals from the center of the map and simultaneously fight all your opponents and enemies in the game reaching your destination. The first team which collects 10 crystals can hold on to the winning position without losing it from your opponent.
  • Bounty – Now this mode is all about collecting stars from the team and at the same time you will be fighting against your opponent. The team which is aiming to collect stars has to be careful that other teams don’t eliminate you. Now the team with the maximum stars ends the game with winning position.
  • Heist- regarding the name of the mode I am sure you might have got the idea that the team has to simply crack the opponents safe while their other team will be trying to save it. Not only is this but the tricky part that you even have to protect their own safe from the opponent’s team.
  • Show down- This is one of the most crazy and fun mode in the game, one of the team is against almost 10 brawlers and you are required to collect coins, chips and an elixir this is to unlock and upgrade the brawlers. At the end of the game there will be only one brawler left in the arena by simply defecting everyone else.

Let’s have quick discussion on best features of the brawl stars game which is ruling internet world right now.

Features of Brawl Stars Apk Game for Android Mobiles/Tablets

  • The game is free to download and play but it also contains some in app features which one buys using some real money only. But If you do not want to see these in app purchases then you can just simply off it from the settings.
  • A single player can play a solo or even in a multi player mode by gathering all your friends together. A player can also form with few fellow brawlers.


Brawl Stars on Android/iOS Devices

  • Battle, win and climb up both in locals as well as regional leader boards.
  • The unique feature is that the player has to be 13 yr old at least to download this game.
  • The gamer can simply even upgrade the brawlers and this will make the game invincible and also unlock new skins for your brawlers.

Brawl Stars Apk Download | Brawl Stars Game for Android

So lets get into the core portion of the article and we all know that every gamers out there are waiting for Supercell’s new premium game called Brawl Stars. Here we will show you on how to download the game for free.

  • First of all, make sure that in settings page, the unknown sources option to install the application from a third party.
  • Once you have done that, visit [Brawl Stars APK] to download the apk file of Brawl Stars.
  • After that, just install the apk file and you will be able to play the game.

Conclusion of Brawl Stars Game for Android: Since the game is not officially launched we all have to wait to download the game and play it, the game will be first launched on the IOS device and then later on the android phones.

Hope this article on Download and Install Brawl Stars Apk Game for Android have helped you out and if you face any further issues or queries, just shoot it through comments. So stay connected to know more about the launch dates and more exciting news about the brawl stars.


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